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Grah! Deadlines are of the suckage!

I'm going to be late for my femme_fic - it's in beta land but I KNOW it will need some revision as this is a new fandom writing wise and it needs some polishing.

AHAHA I wrote Twilight fic! And not entirely cracked out fic either.

I'm still wavering on what I'm going to use this journal for. My LJ is me writing silly cracked out musings and observations - which I do love doing. I am attracted to the absurd side of life and I'm not about to stop with the glee.

I need glee!

Mebbe my D-W will have some more serious thinky!type posts (though I don't think I could ever be entirely dry and academic) I know I don't want to crosspost, 'cos that just doubles the content without adding any value.

Speaking of which, I see on metafandom several posts about people talking about how they will unsubscribe people who do this. Ehhhh - I'm more likely to set up a series of reading filters - not because I'm all passive aggressive about the whole "friending" issue (there is STILL going to be wank over this, even with the attempt to separate it out into subscribe/access) but because I do that anyway on LJ.

I do read all the posts in my flist/circle - but I break people down into groups and read them at different times during the week. My fandom comms filter for instance is a bit neglected as I haven't had so much time recently to read any of the fic that's been produced.

I'll get to it eventually though.

One more Teal'c fic today as a reward for writing another 1000 words!

It keeps my reading levels sane.