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Birthdate:Jun 30
Location:Perth, WA, Australia

about me

My name is Rigel Mayson, I work in print media.

This journal contains mostly my musings on life, some ranting and some excessive fangirling...

All about me

Currently only my fanfiction and fannish content appears unlocked. All fic is posted with a header that states the rating and any appropriate warnings.

I'm always happy to have people friend me, and I love reading other people's journals as well. (Especially if you write fanfic!)

The Fannish me? I'm a multifandom, multishipping, fanfic reading (and now writing!) whore :P My main love is Stargate SG-1, but I also love BSG, Bones, House, and NCIS. :P

My own fic is tagged and listed in a sticky post at the top of my Journal.

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Interests (124):

2010 bachelor of year, adama/roslin, alan shore, amtdi, andy macmillan, apocafic, apollo, arm punches, arranging books, assbabies-are-a-crime-against-humanity, astronomy, badfic!cliches, battlestar galactica, beagles, big words, black and white photography, brain!twins, browncoats, bsg, buff kiwis, cameron mitchell, cameron mitchell's pants, chaaaarlie, chalk, charcoal, chevron seven, chrestomanci, cliffhangers, code, collecting, compulsively checking flist, crossovers, crunchies, css, daniel jackson, daniel-is-not-a-spacemonkey, design, dictionaries, drawing, emily of new moon, ending_the_world_for_porn, fanfic, fangirling, fantasy, firefly, flyboys, fonts, freedom fighting, gabriel, grammar, hippopotami, indeed, ink, intaglio, jag, james spader, jayne hats, john sheppard, jonas quinn, kara thrace, kickarse women, lee adama, lithography, lolcats, lorf, martouf, mashed potato, men in uniform, multifandom, multishipper, my shiny 2x4-of-doom, nailguns, obernewtyn, oils, orion, orlin, otp, painting, pantsless!cam, paper, photoshop, plot bunnies, poetry, power women, print press, printmaking, purpleness, rain, raphael, reading, rodney mckay, rodney-is-not-a-woobie, romance novels, samantha carter, sara teasdale, sculpture, serenity, sga, shadows, shoes, sinuous rilles, starbuck, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stars, stranded offworld, superglued puppies, texture, the ascension sweater, the moon, the perth ala, thesauri, time and tide, tomato love, uriel, venice, verbosity, veronica mars, white roses, witticisms, wizard howl, writing, xhtml

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