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Needs moar Daniel...

*happy joy dance*

I have finally nailed down my [livejournal.com profile] gateverse_remix fic, and am at the stage of beating it into submission with my plot-stick-of-doom.

*is smug with self*

I can only say, that at times, the 3am strike of inspiration can actually work. My muse decided to get off its lazy butt and tell me exactly how to approach it.

Also, I am in need of some Daniel Picspam for nefarious purposes (possibly involving handcuffs and light spanking.)

Point me in the direction of what is in your opinion, his finest smoking hot appearance onscreen.

And can anyone tell me where the promotional pictures (preferable hi-res) from seasons seven and eight are kept?

*gratuitous arm!porn icon usage*


I am unaware of where to find such pictures, but I'm a big fan of "Chimera"!Daniel. Mmm.
Chimera!Daniel is exceptionally hawt!

All that near nekkidness and being tangled in the sheets.

I must watch that ep again just to ogle...

lots of nice pictures here (http://www.michaelshanks-online.com/galleries/tv/stargate.shtml)

sadly, I do not believe there are canon pics involving spanking

Pics of glee!

Alas, that there is no spanking!pics - however I do have some nice graphics programs and I believe I could do a great head is pastede on manip :D
speak to your fellow Aussie [livejournal.com profile] magnavox_23 about some of her manips...she of the fabulous Double Daniel manip (http://magnavox-23.livejournal.com/22064.html)

actually, just go to her manips tag...guh

I would have absolutely NO complaints about any kind of fic that featured that :D

Or in fact any of the team getting it on with their AU counterparts...
did you read the ensuing fic in comments???
There was fic???

*reloads page*

multiple entries... a hand-off story, as it were.

amusing myself with double-entendres
*is still staring at icon*

hmmm? you said something?
her icon has nipple...yeegads, how does that man always have nipple shots (see Ark, desperation/Daniel cries scene if you don't believe me!)
Haaa! I love this icon - as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it for my very own and whip it out at every opportunity.

how does that man always have nipple shots

See, there just has to be a VERY dirty fic out there that has this fact as its basis.

Rule 34 don't fail me now!!
I vote RPS...I know it is not always popular, but truly, the situation just screams for it...
*also votes for this*

I have this almost morbid fascination with the sheer number of porno-esque stills there are of Daniel...

(Though I must confess that I find Daniel Jackson infinitely more attractive than MS)
I am rather fond of both...and pokes you, I have picspammed for you...find something you like and do something nefarious with it, pls
You saw my picspam from yesterday, right?

*fails to provide link*

*is cruel*

*is actually just sick, lazy, and at work*

Oh, fine.


*gets fired, blames you, goes back to bed*
So you did!!

There was much hawt picspam on teh flist recently :D

Methinks Jenn was on to something with that meme...