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on April 21st, 2009 at 12:08 am

My journal should probably read (v): awesomesaucery, but Rigel!speak trumps grammatical accuracy

*sadface* In which I learn that, yes, there is a character limit for post titles.

Alas, for the chronically-verbose-or-just-really-addicted-to-run-on-hyphenated-sentences-such-as-my-sparkling-but-not-in-the-vampire-sense-though-really-it-would-be-kind-of-excellent-to-have-the-skin-of-a-killer-to-~angst~-over-and-oooh-think-of-the-excellent-tacky-shiny-stuff-I-could-then-accessorise-with-but-I-digress-self.


I has a new phone *is terrified of it* I swear it is capable of beaming thoughts directly into people's brains and will possibly cause the uprise of the machines at some later date due to it being sentient and all (it anticipates my needs based on my usage *is freaked out a tad by this*)

However, I am a total luddite when it comes to phones. I have an irrational hatred and dislike for them that stems from being accosted by the bakelite monstrosity (that had a ring dial! Thats how old I am, or that might possibly be more of a reflection of my parentals resistance to change "Touch Pad! What is this magic??) that fell off the wall onto my pinkie toe as a seven year old (and clearly rather impressionable) child.

I have horrified the fraternal by using its whizz-bang features to *glee* play incessant games of Bubble (YEAH! High score of 732!)

And now, rather than quoting some bad!porn at you. I shall offer up a scene that always makes me grin from one of my all time faves.

'Tis from "The Conquest" by Jude Deveraux.

Some context: Le Heroine has disguised herself as a boy so she can get into the castle where her estranged husband has retreated to. This is just after their rather sweet reunion.

It was while he was kissing her that the door to his room burst open and four of his men charged inside.

What they saw horrified them. It looked as though their master's brother was kissing a young boy, for all they could see was Zared's short hair above the sheet.

Tearle saw their looks and started to explain, but then he didn't know what to say. He couldn't introduce his Peregrine wife, and he couldn't very well pull the sheet down to show them she was indeed a female.

For the first time in her life, Zared saw her husband ar a loss for words. She was not about to let the opportunity to pass her by. She deepened her voice.

"My Lord," she said to Tearle, "you will buy me the armor you have promised after I have done... this for you?" She motioned towards the bed.

Tearle gave her a quelling look as the men cleared their throats in embarrassment.

I do luff that book. Knights! Jousting! Eeeeee *swoons*

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