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*Fires up coconut modem*

Rigel: *clicks link*
Internets: *loads*
Rigel: *stares at progress bar* hurryuphurryuphurryup
Internets: ...
Rigel: You can do eeet!
Internets: *I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can-no-wait!*


I did the Anakin-power-scream-of-doom-with-extra-dramasauce

Le sigh - our internets is capped for the next six days, so I is surfing with no images. Which is rather interesting in that pictures get replaced with their descriptive alt tags. *grins at what you name some of your icons*

I have also set up my Dreamwidth account. I'm Rigel over there and I managed to port everything over - even my layout *bwee* But fear not, I shall be cross posting your daily dose of porn quality peen scenes.

Speaking of peen, (yeah! smooth segue there) My reading of Elizabeth Hoyt has me musing over the peen POV in her lurve scenes. So much of the sexing is about the peen, what the peen is feeling and doing and waaaay too much peen description.

Just as a completely non-biased and totes scientific test, I selected 25 other books from my shelf-of-doom from different authors to compare the POV in the sex scenes. The vast majority (14) are from the female POV (in that the sex descriptions are about what she is feeling and doing) A further 6 have mixed POV (no bias one way or the other), 2 have no sex (aka fade to black) and 3 are peen-centric.

Which has me thinking about fic. If I think about the last 25 or so explicit het fics that I read, there were way more peen-centric fics than there were va-j-j-tastic (okay that descriptor clearly fails :P Hoo-ha-lic?...) Does fandom seem to worship more at the altar-of-peen to you as well? I find it interesting that two female dominated writing spheres have such opposing sex POV writing.

and now back to our hero polishing his fleshy sword... "The Serpent Prince" (still! as this one is a fount of sexory) by Elizabeth Hoyt

Okay I lie, although there were several rather choice images in the hero-jacking-off-after-seeing-the-heroine-in-the-bath scene :D

Here's one from an actual sex scene.

Prepare yourselves...

I must quote the whole paragraph...

He looked down and watched his reddened skin slide into her flesh. Lifted her up and pulled almost out. Saw the glistening moisture of her cunny coating his cock. And slammed back into her. Thrusting into her. Filling her. Claiming her.



One paragraph before that one is possibly the GREATEST line ever. I kid you not, it is epic in its beauty.


Tomorrow the world might end, but right now he was balls deep in wet woman. His wet woman

Apocafic!porn eat your heart out!


I gotta say, I really don't care what she's feeling. :-) Getting all the guy's reactions is *hot*! Maybe if I got off on women, I might care.

But what do I know? I write slash. ;-)
::laughs and laughs:: Great quotes!
Admittedly, I was already laughing at *Fires Up Coconut Modem*.