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Lawd! I hates clothes shopping with a passion!

Hehe - all I wanted was 2 pairs of plain pants (one black and one brown) and 2 work shirts and it took nearly 3 hours! ack! All of the pants were weird and had things attached to them in odd places and buttons that were hideous and were made from icky fabric. Bleh! And don't get me started on the fugleh that is this season's fashion...

But in ze end I found some nice things and all was well. And I shelled out a rather jaw-dropping sum of munneh for a minimizer bra (As I don't want to be too boob-a-licious at my new place of employment)

[livejournal.com profile] gateverse_remix is live! And I'm working my way through the list. Some of the Atlantis ones are a bit confuzzling to me though, cos I'm assuming that they reference events in season 4 (for which I'm relatively unspoiled) But I'm determined to read them all this year ('twas one of my resolutions for this year after all, to read all the fics for every ficathon I participate in)

I posted mine just in time last night, but I wasn't quite happy with it (it's a multimedia fic, that's done up to look like a magazine article) I had a 3am epiphany, where I suddenly realised that I'd forgotten to justify the text properly (the horror!) So I redid them all this morning and also re-coded the web layouts :D *is a bit of a sad geek*

[livejournal.com profile] apocalypse_kree is taking prompts again! Yay! Despite my soul-bit still languishing with [livejournal.com profile] surreallis (it's in good company *koff*) I'm looking forward to the awesomeness of apocafic.

Also, NCIS is on tonight and I am gleeful - despite the repeats, there's a few episodes that I haven't managed to catch before. My love for Abby and Gibbs continues unabated :D


TOO boobalicious??? Such a thing is surely not possible!!!

/channeling Kaz
This is why you need to be over here, Becness - the clothes here are all loveleh.

*joins you in raging about the inordinate cost of decent bras*

And they're pretty much vital when you're wearing shirts, too. But, dammit, why must it be so expensive to have boobs? :P
Ugh, clothes shopping is the bits.
(and I hear you! I get so disgruntled that bras and shoes are far and away the most expensive pieces of my wardrobe. People with smaller boobs can get all sorts of cute bras at reasonable prices. I get armor at $50 a pop. If the store has my size)

But yay pants! Yay job that can pay for the clothes you have to get for the job!

Yay remix and apocali!
GAH NCIS ABBY GIBBS now I'm reminded (not that I needed to be) of WHY we're friends!!!! lmao WOot!
You know that no one else could tell about the justifying the text thing, right? ; )