rigel: (cake or death)

*smishy dance of joy*


My profile is looking oh so pretteh with all the be-yew-ti-ful gifts on it!

I have:

An evil duck to help me rule the world (so handy for the impending apocalypse-of-doom as it floats and breathes fire) from [livejournal.com profile] stargazercmc!

A noisemaker from [livejournal.com profile] surreallis with which to keep the neighbours entertained homicidal for hours on end!

A pretty princess tiara to swan about imperiously in (as I am clearly above you riff raff plebes... :P) from [livejournal.com profile] annerbhp

A slice of tasty pumpkin pie to lure Jack to my side and enslave through baked goods from [livejournal.com profile] beanpot who clearly has her man-luring tricks in order

and a fab candy necklace that doubles as an assassins tasty but deadly weapon (death shall be sweet and swift!) from a lovely anon

[livejournal.com profile] sg_betty made me a lufferly banner with cake and team!

[livejournal.com profile] beanpot wrote crack!fic: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat" proving she has a bottle of crazysauce in her fridge :D

The loot from the relatives was handsome as well - consisting of cash (always welcome) book vouchers (even more welcome) and a trip to the romance book store (awesome!) Alas the new Eloisa James is released in another 12 days (I shall return)

The [livejournal.com profile] flippyfrog and [livejournal.com profile] emerald85 sent me the most loltastic gift EVAR all the way from sunny Greece via England. A set of playing cards that feature Ancient Greek Sex Pottery artwork! Which I have to scan and show you, in the hope that I can totally convince you all that these should be prompts for a ficathon...


Ancient Greek Femmeslash!


Surprise Buttsecks!

Acrobatic OT3!

Note the handily placed cock there...

Slash no Het! (there are bewbs)

OT3 Slash!

Yes... she is trying to grow a crop of peens

On the table OT3 sexoring!

Hehe - this is probably the most blush-worthy gift ever!

And a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] holdouttrout as well!


*dies laughing*

Just brilliant. Also, the guy in the six of diamonds... does he have trouble walking?

*smooshes the Becness*

Happy belated birthday!
Also, the guy in the six of diamonds... does he have trouble walking?

Seriously, that's a really epic peen right there. *winces*
I was just looking at it, thinking: That can't actually be connected to him...

Oh wait, I get it - he's harvested one from the crop in the nine of clubs! Now it all makes sense.
OOooh and check these ones out!


Another WTF are you doing with your hand moment?


I look up your dress, wheeeee!!!
Seriously, that hand is right in there... O.o

And I think the subtitle for the second one should be Fun with beards or something. That's one excited beard...
and does what with that rather protuberant facial hair????

happy happy! sorry I missed it!
Happy Birthday!

Trying to get caught up on LJ.

Thank you!!!

Hehe, sorry for the gratuitous peens :D

The guy in the ten of hearts looks very shocked!

LOLtastic. Or Failtastic. I forget which.
Heee - it needs a macro applied to it.

Hahaha! And from the way she has her arms out like that, it's almost as though they were doing aerobics or yoga or something and then... "Whoops, sorry - that just slipped in here...".

Definitely LOLtastic. It's too funny to be in any way a fail.
1. I failed at birthdays this week, so happy belated!!! I'm glad it seems to have been grand!

2. Those cards are hilarious!!!!!

3. You're an Eloisa James fan? Is she good? I keep meaning to read one because I know her in real life. She's actually a kind of kick-ass professor who works on Renaissance drama and gender theory, and she's the graduate director at the institution where I did my MA. And when I was there no one had any idea she wrote romance novels on the side, but after she got tenure, she "came out" as Eloisa James, the romance novelist. And everybody freaked out a bit, and I do keep meaning to read one of her books, but I haven't gotten around to it.

I can't keep a straight face looking at those cards!

And I do love Eloisa James - she writes her books in quartets, in that one character's arc occurs across several of the books.

Her early series are okay, but I much prefer the one about the Essex sisters that starts with "Much Ado About You" - lots of fun and glee.

She's one of my auto-buy authors, I like to get them as soon as they come out in print - I'm having to make room in my shelf for all the ones I have!
Man, those Ancient Greeks were athletic. Had no one informed them of the lazefest that is missionary?!
Happy belated birfday! Being a lurker is not good for keeping up with current events :(
Those greeks like to spice it up a bit - I'm a bit exhausted just flicking through the cards :D

Ahahaha! The 10 of hearts is hysterical. They both look very surprised indeed.
It's just a beuatiful "wait, WHUT?" moment :D
I can see someone giving those to Daniel as a gift, and years later Vala finds them tucked away in a drawer . . .
Heee! Insta-fic!

I'm thinking Daniel might actually have a few select pieces of pottery in his collection :D
OMG. I love you so so much. Those are amazing! They definitely should be prompts. Happy birthday to you! I realized I totally forgot, in my birthday glee, to pass some back your way. *grimaces*

I'll just have to write something. OH DARN.
Seriously, next time Jenn runs her pornucopia, I'm leaving them as prompts :D

Knew you'd love them. Kept walking past all the sex pottery stuff and Em and I just couldn't help ourselves.

The whole idea was, though, that yours and Katie's present are supposed to be used together :P So next Lorf meet...
Waaaah! Of course! I have a feeling the cards are going to inspire all sorts of new rules...

*squishes the Flitness*

Thank-you, by the way. I have a more official thank-you in the works, but I didn't mean to forget to thank the both of you entirely.

And now I want to know what you sent her!!!
Apparently people in ancient Greece were made of rubber! WHO KNEW??

Also, they bend their knees a lot. I think I'm too lazy to be an Ancient Greek.

What I really love is that the ratio of OT3 cards in the deck is proportionally rather high - those Greeks were on to something good.
They guy on the 6 of diamonds looks like it's 3 feet long!
I wince at the very thought!

He's definitely been eating his weet-a-bix every morning. :D

Oh my...

Expect a magic parcel next week. Sorry it's late!
I still have to send you yours!

Curse the stupid post office being so far away!