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New Layout!


I felt the need to gaze at the love that is Booth and Brennan for a while :D

Photograph of fields: "Charcoal lane, Dunham Massey" that I have re-coloured in Photoshop CS3

Screencap from a FOX promo pic for the Bones episode "Secrets in the Soil" also re-coloured by me.

Traveling Typewriter
Rage Italic

Flexible Squares base
Stylesheet by [livejournal.com profile] resplandor


Oh, that's lovely! Truly! *sigh*
They're my couple of squeeee!

My shippy little heart has much to love about that show :D
Ooooh! I like it. Lots of nice, warm, earthy colors.
I'm a bit of a fan of that side of the colour spectrum :D

Plus yay! for shippiness!
'Tis muchly prettyful, but I will miss the longing stare of emo Jack...
Emo Jack is rather sexeh!

But I get my fix via [livejournal.com profile] rda_daily
Ooh, now that is pretty! That's some snazzy bit of re-colouring, too! :D
They are so pretteh together *shippy sigh*

I definitely like David Boreanaz much better in this show :D
(In thirty minutes, Eastern American Time. What? I wanted to be teh firstie.)

Hope your day is quiet, peaceful, and full of the stuff that's illegal in seven states. (Hint: it involves cake)

Best Wishes!


There will be cake - lots of cake!
And where are the coconuts? Huh?
They're uh... hiding in the field of wheat being all coconutty!

*goes back beneath the rock she's been hiding under*