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Why have a website when LJ does such a superb job of keeping track of everything with tags! But in case you ever want to see it all at once...

Stargate SG-1


"Spring-Loaded Camming Device" | (PG-13) | 1166 words
Sam and Cameron Friendship, Humor.
Offworld, traversing a glacier; Cam runs into trouble. - Isis Award 1st Place

"Caissa's Muse" | (PG) | 1797 words
Sam and Daniel Friendship, Humor, Team
Early season Team. Sam is trying to beat Daniel at chess.

"Chicken Feed" | (G) | 509 words
Sam and Daniel Friendship, Vignette
Sam and Daniel discuss the delights of MREs

"Smooth Pebble" | (G) | 498 words
Jack and Teal'c Friendship, Vignette
Jack and Teal'c on the dock, skipping pebbles over the lake.

"Here Be Dragons" | (PG) | 924 Words
Humour, Team, Conversation Fic.
The team is lost, and arguing shamelessly over who is right.

"Scraps and Scribbles - Part One" | (G) | IMAGE HEAVY
Sam and Daniel Friendship, Gen, Some angst
A series of notes between friends (series 1-5) Written for the [livejournal.com profile] schmoop_age ficathon

"Scraps and Scribbles - Part Two" | (G) | IMAGE HEAVY
Sam and Daniel Friendship, Gen, Some angst
A series of notes between friends (series 1-5)

"Traces" | (G) | IMAGE HEAVY
(Deleted scenes to "Scraps and Scribbles") Sam and Daniel Friendship, Gen, Some angst
A series of notes between friends (series 1-5)

"A Mountain With A Wolf On It Stands A Little Taller" | (PG-13) | 2719 words
Mini!Jack, Sam and Jack friendship, Team, Gen, Humor
mini!jack has a favor to ask of Sam.

"F is for Foolproof" |(G) | 738 words
Team, Humor, Vignette, Gen
The team is imprisoned... again.

"Screwed" | (G) | 889 words
Crack!fic, Humor, Team
Complete and utter crack... Sam touches something she really shouldn't have.

"Those Who Dwell In Realms Of Day" | (PG-13) | 6225 words
Sam and Daniel Friendship, Mild angst.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. - written for the [livejournal.com profile] sd_ficathon

"Cold Water Burning" | (PG-13) | 2353 words
Sam and Daniel Friendship, Action/Adventure
"You have to keep moving, Sam." - written for the [livejournal.com profile] sd_ficathon

"Ebb Tide" | (PG-13) | 3232 words
Sam/Jack, Friendship, Crossover with SGA
Jack visits Sam while she's in command of Atlantis. They try to find some quiet time together, only to be repeatedly interrupted. - written for the [livejournal.com profile] sjficathon

"Dust In The Wind" | (PG-13) | 554 words
Daniel Jackson, Episode Related, Angst
Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky...

"Five Times That Jack Never Learned | (PG-13) | 1735 words
Jack O'Neill, Friendship, Gen, Humor, Angst
As the title says...

"Press Four to Save" | (G) | 1775 words
Classic Team, Humor
"You have one saved message. Message recorded on Thursday the eighth of July at 1.45pm."

"G is for Glory" | (G) | 951 words
Teal'c and Bra'tac Friendship, Pre-series
Written for Teal'c Alphabet Soup


"An Importune Moment" | (PG-13) | 1518 words
Daniel/Vala, Humour, Vignette
Vala catches Daniel alone.

"Fast Lane" | (NC-17) | 1191 words
Het, PWP, Jack/Sam
Jack and Sam, in a limousine in Washington.

"Anamnesis" | (PG) | ~500 words)
Drabbles, Mild angst.
A series of 5 unrelated drabbles featuring Sam/Jonas, Sam/Martouf, Sam/Daniel, Sam/Cameron and Daniel/Vala

"Writhe" | (R) | ~350 words
Het, PWP, vaguely non-con, Sam/Ba'al
Written for the 2007 pornucopia


Into the Black
This AU series is still in its infancy, but I have my [livejournal.com profile] au100 big damned table all set up for it. *plot bunnies bounce merrily along*

This is the Black Team from the episode "Ripple Effect" post the invasion of Earth by the Ori and on the run. Each episode is intended to stand alone

"Five Minutes To Midnight" | (PG-13) | 3074 words
Cameron Mitchell, 2nd Person POV, AU, Action/Adventure, Angst, Team
You need more time, but there is none to spare. AU Cameron post invasion. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] spacepirate_fic ficathon.

"Five Minutes to Midnight - Deleted Scene" | (NC-17) | 970 words
Sam/Cam, Het, PWP
*cough* shameless pr0n - what can I say :P

These fics can be read in any order, and are stand alone.

"That inverted bowl we call the sky" | (PG) | 1807 words
Shau'ri, Pre-series, Shau'ri/Daniel
She had bound him. Tethered his life to her own.

"Beside me singing in the wilderness" | (PG) | 4365 words
Daniel, Skaara, Sarah Gardiner, OC, Pre-series
He tastes it from his fingers, sweet and fermented, like summer wine.

Comment Fic

"SG1 Christmas Reel" | (G) | 151 words
Humor, Vignette
Daniel plays a practical joke on Jack

"Five Things About Abydos Daniel Doesn't Miss" (scroll down) | (PG) | 798 words
Daniel Jackson, Angst, Vignette
Just what the title says, the first ficlets I ever wrote in the fandom

"In sure and certain hope" | (PG-13) | 335 words
Teal'c, Samantha Carter, Teal'c and Sam Friendship, Apocafic
Written for the leapgate comment-athon with the prompt [Sam, Teal'c; ashes]

"M is for Martouf" | (PG) | ~200 words
Sam, Martouf
Written for "Defining Sam from A - Z"

"O is for O'Malley's" | (G) | ~200 words
Team, Friendship, Humor
Written for "Defining Sam from A - Z"


"Aliens Made Them Do It" | (PG) | IMAGE HEAVY
Crack!Fic, Humor
Yes... it's always those planets...

Crack!Fic, Humor
Naquadah is a heavy metal element, right?

"The Top 10 reasons why having Naquadah in your system can be a bad bad thing" | (PG) | IMAGE HEAVY
Crack!Fic, Humor, IMAGE HEAVY
What the title says!

"The Big Banana" | (G) | IMAGE
Jonas, Sam, Humor
First times...

"Time Travel May Be Hazardous to Your Health" | (G) | IMAGE
Team, Dr Who Crossover, humor
When at Woodstock...

"The Fannish Requisition" | (PG-13) | IMAGE HEAVY
Jack, Vala, Team, Humor
Ohnoes! Nobody expects the fannish requisition!

Stargate Atlantis


"Ever Falling Dust" | (G) | 1736 words
AU, Gen, SGA
The windows were edged in a rime of hard frost. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] gateverse_remix

"948 GUE" | (G) | 973 words
Gen, Humor, Rodney McKay
You are an Ageless, Faceless, Gender-Neutral, Culturally-Ambiguous Adventure Person… Written for the [livejournal.com profile] sga_flashfic "wordless" challenge.

Comment Fic

"In the Night" | (G) | 120 words
Teyla, Drabble
Teyla's first night in Atlantis


Icky Girl Germs! ZOMG!!1ELEVENTY!!1 | (PG) | IMAGE HEAVY
SGA, Picfic, Humor
Sugar and spice and all things nice

Stargate Fandom - Humor Posts

"The Ten Commandments of Fic (with bonus interpretation so there can be no confusion)" | (PG) | ~2000 words
SG-1, Humor
Lo, I have journeyed to the top of the mountain and conversed with TPTB, and lo, their holy writ was conveyed to me to spread amongst the masses. I shall cast down the golden idol of the Mary Sue being worshipped by the infidels and show you all the path to enlightenment.

"The Multishipping Highway (with handy signage) | (PG-13) | IMAGE HEAVY
SG1, Picfic, Humor
Discover the wonders and pR0n overload when you become a multishipper!

"Batshit Insane Country - Safari Tour" | (PG-13) | IMAGE HEAVY
SG-1, Picfic, Humor
Beware all those who enter here! Rabid fangirl alert!

"My Fandom Is Batshit Insane - Today on Jerry Springer" | (PG-13) | IMAGE HEAVY
SGA, Picfic, Humor
John has something he needs to tell Rodney

Manifesto of Multiship Awesome | (PG) | IMAGE HEAVY
SG-1, Picfic, Humor